SEO Engine


The purpose of the SEO Engine is to show you how you could use the GPT API integration in Divi Form Builder to gather relevant information from the user and then process it into text that has been optimized for SEO.


The prompt we crafted for the SEO Engine will digest the field id’s that contain the product details, it will then research keywords that work for those fields, then finally incorporate those keywords into a content field as a description.


In this example, we are adding a product to our  WooCommerce store where we gather and map relevant fields for the post submission, but then uses the gathered  information to generate an effective product description.

Form AI

Add your OpenAI API key to power your forms with advanced interactions. You have complete control of your prompts and can even select the between different models such as GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.


Make your longer forms easier to digest with the magic of multi-step forms. You use the Divi Builder you know to break these down however you feel might be best for your users.

Post Creation

Allow users to create any post type or product using the Divi Form Builder. No need for users to log into the backend of your Divi site and decide if posts should be published or in draft.

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Help your customers buy the right products with Divi Form Builder and OpenAI GPT